LEXINGTON, Ky – J&B Heavy Haul of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma purchased a Link-Belt Cranes 175-ton (150-mt) 175|AT all terrain crane for their trucking and heavy haul business. Primarily J&B Heavy Haul services the civil, power, petrochemical and manufacturing markets. The company already has well over 1,000 hours on their new 175|AT, utilizing it for their taxi rental fleet that services a 250-mile range from Oklahoma City.

J&B Heavy Haul recently completed a 140,000 lb (63 502 kg) transformer lift in Bentonville, Arkansas with their 175|AT using a self-propelled modular transport (SPMT). Due to the tight nature of power stations, J&B has been able to utilize a transport trailer, lift the heavy transformer onto an SPMT with the 175AT, and then utilize a ‘jack and slide’ method for positioning the transformer over a concrete pad and into its final position.

“Primarily we like doing the transformer stuff but this 175 gets around town really well, and its chart without all the counterweight is really good. That’s what we like about it,” said Tra Neal, Fleet Manager for J&B Heavy Haul.

On a separate transformer lift in Hennessey, Oklahoma J&B Heavy Haul lifted a 70,000 lb (31 751 kg) transformer at a 40 ft. (12.1 m) radius for a substation where a transformer had blown and needed repairs.
“We rent this 175 down from time to time; you can send it out without any additional trucks and cover a lot of work. With just the weight on the deck it will out lift a lot of bigger cranes, mostly because of the weight of the bigger cranes’ boom. We lift a lot of heavy stuff at close radius and you can get 80,000 easily right off the back of the 175AT. That helps us a lot with the trucking stuff because we can usually get close, we just need to pick it up and load out,” said Neal.