LEXINGTON, Ky – The new Link-Belt 120|TT, base rated at 110-mt (120-ton), will debut at Bauma 2022, in Munich, Germany. The 120|TT telescopic truck terrain crane features reliable and user-friendly, all-wheel steer capability for optimum crane maneuverability in tight, jobsite settings. Steerable rear axle with super single tires are what make the 120|TT so agile with four steering modes – independent front, independent rear, combination, and crab.

Link-Belt Cranes first introduced the truck crane market to rear wheel steering on a custom truck crane chassis 20 years ago when it displayed the 60-mt (70-ton) HTT-8670 at ConExpo 2002. Link-Belt’s current lineup of truck terrain cranes has grown to include the 70-mt (75-ton) HTT-8675, 85-mt (100-ton) HTT-86100, and 100-mt (110-ton) HTT-86110.

This four axle 120|TT features a new, wider single occupant cab first showcased on the 120|HT. The 120|TT also comes with a new air-ride suspension design, and first-of-its-kind disc brakes on a rear-steer truck crane provide improved braking performance. For added engine performance and fuel economy the 120|TT is powered by a Cummins 339 kW (445 hp) 2021 EPA emissions compliant X12 Series engine. Top speed on the 120|TT is 88 km/h (55 mph). 

“We are very excited to bring Link-Belt Cranes’ chassis of the future platform to our longstanding truck terrain product. Rear axle steering capability enhances jobsite mobility enabling operators to expand into new applications. Couple enhanced mobility with the excellent ride quality of our new suspension design and we feel we have a product that will carve out a well-deserved position in the mobile crane market,” said Andrew Soper, Product Manager for Telescopic Truck and All-Terrain Cranes.
Full counterweight for the 120|TT is 22 271 kg (49,100 lbs). Increased counterweight payload is a result of a strategic design approach to reduce the 120|TT’s gross vehicle weight coupled with an increased rating on the front steering axles to 26,000 lbs. (11 793 kg) each. Maximum counterweight payload at highway speed is 8,000 lbs. (3 628 kg).  

Link-Belt has improved upon access for daily service checks like fill points, filters, and grease points.  The 120|TT features a ZF-Traxon automated manual transmission with improved shifting performance and hill start aid.

The winch package delivers a maximum line pull of 92.25 kN (20,739 lbs.) and can provide over 71.17 kN (16,000 lbs.) of line pull up to the 4th layer, ideal for 19 mm (3/4 in.) wire ropes that are line pull rated at 69.83 kN (15,700 lbs.) and higher. The maximum line speed on the winch is 150.9 m/min (495 ft./ min) – impressive numbers when compared to other trucks and all terrain cranes in this class.
Boom and attachments
The 120|TT features a 50 m (164 ft.) pin and latch formed boom that outreaches truck crane competition and challenges European-built all terrain cranes in its tonnage class. The main boom tip height is 52.6 m (172.6 ft.). The telescoping sections of the 6-section pin and latch boom ride on Link-Belt’s proven Teflon impregnated wear pads, which means there’s no need to grease the bottom of this boom. All the sheaves and both pins of the hoist cylinder feature sealed bearings as well.

Features like Link-Belt SmartFly, Link-Belt’s patented one-person fly erection technology, and a wireless rigging remote to control your outriggers, outrigger beams and jacks, boom hoist, and winches make setup quicker and easier with increased efficiency.

The new operator’s cab is a success story in its own right, with great aesthetics and comfort features like wide-entry access and egress, USB and 12-volt power supply, and increased storage with interior lighting. Pulse 2.0 with its 10 in. (25.4 cm) touch display is at the heart of this crane with features and controls that are intuitive, adaptable, and within easy arm’s reach. The view from the seat is uninhibited in all kinds of weather with large sweeping wipers in the front and top, and strategically-placed vents for fast-acting defrost.
Comfort and convenience
A tilting operator’s cab adjusts from 0 to 20 degrees and a pull-out “Cabwalk” provides easy entry into the cab for the operator. Once inside, the operator is treated to a five-way adjustable seat that holds light, yet responsive electronic controllers. The controllers are available in either a dual or single axis configuration and have a fine metering feature for precise operation. There is a designated foot pedal for boom telescope operation, something not found in other cranes in this size class. Also, the swing control allows the operator to free swing and utilize a foot pedal for smooth braking. Aiding the operator is the Link-Belt Pulse 2.0 system with telematics, and cameras that automatically let you view winch operation and swing. Extra touches are heating, air-conditioning, and AM/FM radio with Bluetooth.

The driver’s cab features comprehensive gauges, tilt/telescoping steering wheel, and a clever place to store documents. Its fiberglass construction is Link-Belt proven and the interior is acoustically insulated. Camera package is standard and allows operator to view backing up and when making a right turn. Heating and air conditioning, AM/FM radio, cruise control, intermittent wiper with washer, and engine compression brake all comes as standard equipment.
Night-time operation
A work lighting package is available and includes four (4) high intensity LED work lights mounted on top of the operator's cab, the right side of the superstructure facing forward, on the upper work platform, and on the left side of the superstructure facing out. Also available are single and dual boom floodlights, and remote control boom floodlights that work in conjunction with other floodlights options.
The front and rear axle groups of the 120|TT have a combined transport capacity of 44.6-mt (98,450 lbs.) at highways speeds – a fully equipped crane with 1.8-mt (4,000 lbs.) of the standard 7.2-mt (16,000 lbs.) counterweight can be onboard and still be under the transport capacity. An additional 20.2-mt (44,600 lbs.) of counterweight is offered bringing the maximum counterweight to 22-mt (48,600 lbs.). With no counterweight, the 120|TT can travel under 11.0-mt (24,250.9 lbs) per axle.
Other stand out features of the 120|TT:
  • Unmatched transport flexibility & jobsite travel
  • Upper work platform with foldable guardrail
  • Wind speed indicator
  • Aviation obstruction marking light and flag
  • Illuminated compartments and controls for night-time operation
  • 4-points of access to the carrier
  • ANSI B30.5 tested
  • Pre-painted, plated hardware, and powder coated tubing
  • Color-coded wiring with wire numbers
  • On-tire rigging capacities
  • On-line ground bearing (force)
  • On-line 3D lift planning