Link-Belt Cranes, Industry Innovator

    Cranes Today reached out to Link-Belt Cranes for comment on future developments in the lifting industry for the next 50 years. Cranes Today's November issue commemorates the magazine's 50th Anniversary.

Read the full issue here (Link-Belt story is on page 70): Full text from the article is below.

Question: Explain how Link-Belt is positioning its business activities for further long-term growth and success.
    Link-Belt Cranes evaluates activity and future growth through the principles of Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Environment (SQCDE). Link-Belt’s commitment to innovation dates back to its founding. Our dedication to SQCDE also means listening to the needs of our customers, as their needs evolve, with careful research and implementation, so do our products.
    Today a number of alternate energy forms exist, but we see an increased emphasis on practical environmental alternatives like greater utilization of fuel alternatives (HVO) and extending the life cycle of our products as cutting-edge engine technology provides improvements to service intervals. Our growth strategy for the next 50 years is following our current successes and continuing to invest on a proven formula: a strong dealer network, reliable parts inventories, increasing value-added features like iCraneTrax and telematics, and a long-term investment in training.
    Over the last 10 years, Link-Belt has invested over $80 million USD of capital funds in prototype development facilities, robotic welding, state-of-the-art machining centers, warehousing with electronic retrieval systems, as well as solar power and other environmental initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint. With this investment history, it would be safe to assume that these types of investments will continue over the coming decades.
Environmental Efforts

    Since 2011, Link-Belt Cranes has achieved ISO 14001 certification, which is a standard for conserving natural resources in the best possible way. ISO 14001 certification is an “establish and maintain procedures” audit, taking into account practices that are in place to maintain a long-term standing of environmental standards. Link-Belt Cranes last certified its ISO 14001 practices in 2021.   One of the main targets was becoming a zero-landfill facility; in 2017, Link-Belt achieved this goal becoming a zero-landfill manufacturing facility and maintained this classification from 2017 to the most recent audit completed in 2021. Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) previously recognized Link-Belt’s environmental accomplishments with its Environmental Award in 2012 and 2018.
    Link-Belt Crane’s aggressive environmental goals are in line with its manufacturing direction of continuous improvement. Link-Belt looks forward to finding new ways to protect the surrounding community with environmentally friendly manufacturing techniques.
   In 2022, Link-Belt Cranes will further offset its environmental impact by adding a 170-panel solar array on the roof of its 2 787 sq. m (30,000 sq. ft.) training and prototype building, providing 94,494 KWh of electricity, about 11% of that building’s yearly consumption.