3D Lift Plan Disclaimer

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We provide a link to 3Dliftplan.com as a service to our users. Link-Belt Cranes is not responsible for the operation of 3Dliftplan.com, for the software, information, or comments found at 3Dliftplan.com, or for the results or outputs obtained through the use of 3Dliftplan.com. Any comments or questions about 3Dliftplan.com should be directed to the operator of 3Dliftplan.com.

3Dliftplan.com is to be used solely as an aid for planning lifts using Link-Belt cranes. The information obtained at 3Dliftplan.com shall not supersede the Link-Belt Operator’s Manual, any safety manuals, or industry standards and regulations. Crane capacities and configurations may vary. Always refer to the Crane Rating Manual that corresponds to the crane being used for your lift. You are solely responsible for obtaining and entering the proper inputs and for planning and executing a safe lift plan. 3Dliftplan.com must never be substituted for the good judgment of the crane operator using safe operating procedures. It remains the responsibility of the operator to operate the crane safely at all times.

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