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The Link-Belt Preferred Technician Training program was designed and developed to meet the needs of technicians who work on Link-Belt Cranes.  The training program is provided to technicians who work for a company that owns at least one Link-Belt crane.  The training program is grouped into two levels.

Preferred Technician Training:

  • Level 1: Basics (Online Training)
    • Basic Electrical Course
    • Basic Hydraulics Course
    • Basic Mechanical Course
    • Link-Belt Crane Fundamentals
  • Level 2: General Knowledge & Skills
    • Telescopic Course
    • Large RTC/ATC Course
    • TCC Course
    • Lattice Course

Program Registration

Enrollments into the Preferred Technician Training require approval through a Link-Belt Distributor.  To enroll contact your local Link-Belt Distributor and provide the flowing information:

  • Technician’s Name
  • Technician’s email address
  • Company approver (person within the customer’s company that approves the training)
  • Company approver’s email address

Once the technician has been enrolled in the program, they will receive an email with the details to begin the Level 1 online training.

Program Fee

There is a one-time administrative fee of $537 to enroll into the Preferred Technician Training program.  This enrollment fee covers taking the online training and attending all of instructor led training courses here at the factory.  There is no per class fees.

Preferred Course Catalog

2024 Preferred Technician Training (Customer Training Program)
Date Course Title Status
February 26 - March 1 Boom Inspection and Welding FULL - Waitlist Only
March 19 - 22 Preferred Level 2.0 Telescopic - RTC FULL - Waitlist Only
April 2 - 5 Preferred Level 2.0 Telescopic - HTC FULL - Waitlist Only
April 22 - 26 Boom Inspection & Welding FULL - Waitlist Only
April 30 - May 2 Preferred Level 2.1 TCC FULL - Waitlist Only
June 3 - 7 Preferred Level 2.0 Lattice OPEN
June 17 - 21 Boom Inspection & Welding OPEN
July 23 - 26 Preferred Level 2.0 Telescopic - HTC FULL - Waitlist Only
August 12 - 16 Preferred Level 2.0 Lattice FULL - Waitlist Only
August 19 - 23 Boom Inspection & Welding OPEN
October 1 - 4 Preferred Level 2.0 Telescopic - RTC FULL - Waitlist Only
October 7 - 11 Boom Inspection & Welding OPEN
October 15 - 17 Preferred Level 2.1 ATC OPEN
November 12 - 14 Preferred Level 2.1 Large RTC OPEN
December 9 - 13 Boom Inspection & Welding OPEN
  IMPORTANT NOTE: Times and dates may change between now and the posted dates; therefore, wait to make travel arrangements until enrollment confirmation is sent. When the class is full it will be bolded text. You will receive a confirmation email no later than four weeks prior to the class.


To inquire about training not listed on this site, please contact your local District Service Rep (DSR) or District Manager (DM). For all other questions, please contact one of the following training representatives:

Technician Training

Jennifer McIntyre
Training Coordinator
Phone:  (859) 264-6285
E-Mail: [email protected]

Link-Belt Factory location:

2651 Palumbo Drive
Lexington, Kentucky 40509