Sourcewell - Purchasing Program

Using Sourcewell Cooperative Buying

Link-Belt Cranes is an approved vendor for Sourcewell (formerly National Joint Buying Alliance) buying cooperative. Sourcewell approved suppliers, such as Link-Belt Cranes, must pass a series of stringent product and manufacturing standards and are scored against some of the largest heavy equipment manufacturer’s in the world (many apply, not all are accepted).  

Sourcewell is one of the largest (and oldest) government-purchasing cooperatives of its kind in North America. It’s value to its members begins with its vetting and establishment of partnerships with hundreds of national manufacturers and service industries. Only governmental agencies, nonprofits, qualifying utilities, and schools who are Sourcewell members are able to make purchases from approved partners, saving them valuable time in the procurement process.

What is Sourcewell?

Sourcewell establishes and provides nationally-leveraged, competitively solicited purchasing contracts, under guidance of the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law. Joint powers laws enable Sourcewell members to legally purchase through Sourcewell awarded contracts, like those awarded by Sourcewell to Link-Belt Cranes, under Sourcewell contract number 032119-LIN for All-Terrain Cranes, Hydraulic Truck Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, Telescopic Crawler and Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes.

Use Sourcewell to help simplify, satisfy the bidding process

No matter whether you refer to it as cooperative buying or cooperative purchasing, Sourcewell satisfies the bid process. As member of Sourcewell, you can take advantage of Sourcewell bids on new equipment purchases, like those of Link-Belt Cranes.

How to get started

  •  Membership of Sourcewell is free to qualifying government, educational and nonprofit entities. Visit their website for more information.
  • Go to

Already belong to Sourcewell? Contact Link-Belt Cranes to learn more.

If you’re already a member of Sourcewell, contact Link-Belt Cranes to discuss how you can leverage Sourcewell to satisfy the bid process on the purchase of your next Link-Belt crane.

Contact a Link-Belt distributor today and mention Sourcewell.

Pricing for this contract is provided at a discount off current pricing MSRP. For additional information, contact your local distributor.

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